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The cheaper iPhone

That the objects of desire iPhones are even cheaper options exist, it is more than evident. If you buy an iPhone valued, with these tips you will find out how to save money.

iPhone 4s or 5?

The iPhone 5 is already in the market … But the 4S still has a lot to say, especially in terms of price!

If you do not care about not being in possession of the latest technology, then the iPhone 4S can save enough.

What are the differences between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S?

Terminal? Second-hand?

As everyone wants an iPhone 5 offer an increasing number of terminals 4 or 4S on sites like ebay. It is certainly possible to buy an iPhone cheaper that way and also take advantage of a free sim rate very cheap (the ‘cheapest is the’ zero rate ‘MÁSmovil.

But beware, often second-hand phones are not free, which means that only work with a single operator (eg Movistar). You can ‘liberate’ even be illegal, but there are always risks disrupting the terminal. Of course, this kind of manipulation invalidate the warranty.
Choose well your rate.

It is imperative that you choose well your rate. Analyze how many minutes of calls, text messages and internet access time you’ll need.

Obviously, if you hire more than they need, waste your money. On the other hand, if you do not hire enough data packet and calls and use most of what is included in your fee, the provider surcharge rates apply.

My recommendation is to take a look at your past bills and acquire a rate that is between 10 and 20% in minutes and sms your estimated maximum use.
Earn money for your old terminal.

You can sell or recycle your mobile now well afford a new iPhone.

Have all the necessary information in my article on recycling phones.
Find a refund.

Hiring your rate through beruby pages instead of phone companies directly, you can benefit from substantial repayments.

It is advisable to read on the pages of reimbursements for insight into their operation.
Featured Price:
iPhone 5 16gb cheaper

more baratoVodafone Base ³ iPhone contract with 24 month stay including:

250 minutes
500 sms
1GB of internet

Monthly cost = 45 € + VAT / month. Terminal Cost = 249 €.
Total cost = € 1545

If you want more minutes you can always choose the tariff RED, with unlimited calls and messages to a total cost of € 1,736 at the end of the 24 months.

iPhone 5 16gb with ADSL and fixed line

Fusion Movistar contract for 24 months including:

500 minutes
Unlimited Messages
1GB of internet
10mb ADSL
Landline. Unlimited calls to national landlines, 550 minutes for calls to mobiles.

The total cost is € 87.88 per month. € 2109 in total

iPhone 4 16gb … the cheapest

Dolphin 20 for Smartphone – 24 months with Orange

300 minutes (18 to 6h and weekends)
200mb of internet

Monthly cost = € 20 for 24 months. Terminal Cost = 499 €.

The total cost is € 979.

With the current promotion of 20% discount on the first 6 bills, the price
would total € 955.

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