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Appliances which consume more and all you can do to avoid it

Not so long ago that the «study on energy consumption in the residential sector in Spain» of the Institute for the diversification and saving of energy (IDAE), expressed evident samples of waste energy that occur more than usual in Spanish households. Among other aspects, the study pointed to the ‘stand by’ as one of the main cause of the increase of the invoice, then its consumed (2% of the total) greatly outperforms other household appliances. The cost of electricity, also has higher daily weight in the family economy, a situation which could get worse soon, since operators have not ceased in its efforts to ask for a rise in tolls for tackling the deficit rate, a figure whose review is also planned for April 1.

In view of the panorama, you show here the relationship of the household appliances that consume more energy and tricks that you can use to lighten the weight of your invoice:

1 Refrigerator: Takes a whopping 30.6% of the energy that we consume in our homes and could be almost impossible to save a household of necessities like this, but we can do it, and in a simple way. Firstly, we must ensure that the refrigerator is full operating conditions, since his State can be us up 25% of the energy consumed. Actions as simple as not to leave the door open longer than necessary, to make sure that we have firmly shut the fridge or check that the temperature is adequate will alleviate our pocket.

In addition, you should know that introduce excessively hot foods increases «effort» of the refrigerator for cooling and consumes more. Other actions will be to maintain the appliance in optimum operating conditions (clean trays, defrost twice a year…), or be thinking about buying one new, let us look at the energy labelling (those classified with the letters A, B and C are of low consumption; D and E of average consumption, while F and G involve high energy consumption refrigerators).

2. Television: 12.2% of energy. Already know which turn off button on the TV before you go to sleep (the happy ‘ stand-by’) raises the consumption significantly, but there are still many homes that forget this economic practice. If you do it, don’t be a stupid forgetfulness, but expensive: a ‘stand-by’ TV will consume as much energy off as a computer at peak performance. Television is another electrical appliances more spending, especially by the number of hours that we stand against the ‘boob’. It is clear that watching less TV saves, but if you can avoid it, you can perform actions such as lowering the lighting to consume less. In addition, if you purchase a new television you should know that those that incorporate LED technology consume 25% less than the LCD and up to 40% less than plasma screens.

3. Washing: 11.8% of the energy consumed. Simple tricks like not putting it at half load, but full, use the wash programme cold whenever we can and opt for short wash cycles will help us, in addition to saving energy, to consume less water.

4. «Stand by»: the «standby» takes more percentage of electricity that cool our House during the summer months. As already published ABC, one of every twelve invoices will be full through this dead consumption. And we must not only think about the Red pilot light of the television when we refer to this concept. This waste energy, and that so much money is us all year also leaks by plugs, extensions, and thieves. “Stand by” function is present in a number of products, which remain connected to the awaiting our orders: air conditioning, audio, DVD players, computers, chargers…

5 Oven and ceramic hob: acquire certain customs when it comes to cooking also can save our Bill. As to the glass-ceramic is concerned, we should know that you smaller vessel used less energy will consume. We will also save energy by covering Cookware, turning both appliances ahead of time to take advantage of the residual heat to finish the preparation, not opening the oven door before the end of cooking, using containers of bottomed (distributed heat better). In addition, to the extent possible it is advisable to use the microwave to heat food, as this appliance requires less time for food preparation.

6 Dishwasher: Is another of the devices which we must especially take into account the labelling of energy consumption. 6.1% Of the energy consumed, and to save, we can take actions similar to those used in the washing machine, how to choose programs short wash and cold temperature. Condition is, of course, charge the appliance to maximum.

7 Computers: Although it is one of the elements that most accompany us in our daily routine, sure that you do not know certain customs that reduce the consumption of your PC: lower lighting, remove the screen saver, turn off the computer if not what we use, those peripherals that use have not connected (printer, scanner, loudspeakers…). In addition, it is important that all are plugged into the same power strip. In the case of the desktops, remember to turn the monitor off whenever you get up.

8. Lighting: mostly in winter, our House lighting is an important part of the electricity consumption. Advantage whenever possible natural lighting, use light colors for your walls and curtains (do we need less artificial lighting), installed dimmers and used energy saving light bulbs. In those places of the House in which you are going to stay long, e.g. kitchen, it is advisable to use fluorescent lamps. And, please, don’t let the light on if you’re not going to be in a given space.

According to the “study on energy consumption in the residential sector in Spain» IDAE, held in June, Spanish households spend half 990 euros per year in electricity consumption. Now you know what you can do to improve your invoice.

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