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Key to decrypt the electricity bill

The electricity bill will rise between 6% and 7% on April 1, as is ABC, following a decision by the Supreme Court against the costs freeze decreed last October.
Consumers with rate of last resort (TUR), some 22 million, will have to assume part of the responsibility to remedy the deficit rate amounting to 24 billion euros.
But can you decipher the terms and details of the electric receipt? We give you the keys to understanding your Bill and rises in the month of April:
Types of invoice
The invoice may be actual or estimated. The first reflects what makes counter. The OCU recommends to check that this is deducted the kWh that already claimed the company earlier estimated invoice. The estimated reading is carried out on the basis of previous consumption.
Key to decrypt the electricity bill
Customers with less than 10 kW contracted powers tend to have a single counter and therefore, its consumption is flat.
The billing details
Term of power: the contracted power (kW) is multiplied by the number of days of the invoice and by the price of kW/day in euros.
Contracted power: La TUR is the most common in Spain and is the equivalent of one power less than 10kW. There is a variant of the TUR for consumers with the social bond and other fees as the of contracts of power less than 3kW, between 10 and 15 kW and 15 kW above, as described on the website of the National Energy Commission.
The toll amount: reflects the cost per use of the distribution networks. Set by the Government after the power auction.
Billing period: the past is January was established that the receipt once again to be bi-monthly and based on actual readings. However, remains the option of monthly 2008 system, with one of every two bills based on estimated consumption.
Tax: Applies to the sum of the costs of the contracted power and the energy consumption. It includes 14% VAT, electricity tax 4% and 9% of implicit tax (tax companies, IBI, IAE, occupancy rate of public domain) and environmental pseudo communities tax, according to data provided by Iberdrola.
Where that payment is
The amount paid by a consumer with TUR rate goes to different concepts. If we take as an example an average $ 50 invoice we obtain the following results: energy (23.1%, 11.5 euros); grants (10, euro, 20%); taxes (19.4%, 9.7 euros); distribution (15.8%, 7.9 euros); amortization (8.6%, 4.3 euros); transport (4.8%, 2.4 euros) and other costs (8.4%, 4.2 euros).
The Spanish electricity industry association (Unesa) has a calculator on its website to know these facts.

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