Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Japanese technology in the home

Japan’s comfort
The Japanese, always determined to impress with their findings, did not conform to project anything more than just a kitchen. Scientists in the country of the rising sun this advanced technology applied to a full house, of course, will not have the traditional rice paper walls. These homes of tomorrow will have screens in each room and a centralized information command.

From there, its occupants may check all activities of the appliances in the home. Also, the kitchen will be provided with a system which can detect the state in which they are foods, ie if they are contaminated by any kind of bacteria. If so, the mechanism provided with a sort of electric voltage filter, purify any food altered in seconds.
The bathrooms of these homes cyber deserve a separate chapter. Of course, knowing the Japanese obsession for this topic, hygiene is the number one priority. The toilets are not automatically sanitized finish well be used, as well as floors and walls. In addition, medical equipment that will allow, among other things, measure the level of sugar in the blood while the user takes a shower. The bedrooms are equipped with thermometers to inform immediately if the person has a fever sleeping and electronic equipment capable of taking an electrocardiogram in minutes.

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