Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Cinemizer glasses for your iPhone or iPod

Already long ago that we knew the existence of this new technology, but from this last week already the Cinemizer gafas-televisor can be found at the electronics stores.

These video glasses, manufactured by Carl Zeiss, allow you to see the screen of your mobile device as if it were a screen 45 inches at a distance of two metres.
The Cinemizer simulates a screen of 115 cm with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels in the LED display. Lets you view movies – also in 3D-, video clips, and podcasts of video or playing a video game at any time and place as if it were immersed in a virtual world.
These video glasses are compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3 G, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod video and iPod nano, but they can also be used with other many mobile multimedia. Its battery lasts at least four hours and allows the diopter adjustment up to +/-3.5.
Waits in airports and train or bus stations already will not be us as long as usual. Although beware of get too excited, not going to be that they lose the flight.
They may also have a good tool at home, since with this technology we can put an end to the eternal discussion of the TV channel which you want to view each. But, care, abuse of this you can end with the little communication in families.
The price of the device is around 300 euros.

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