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Heating systems for your home

I just purchased a home that has no heating system what should I choose?
Or perhaps if you have a system but it isn’t exactly the most efficient; It warms up a little, it spends a lot,… here you consider the advantages and disadvantages of current systems, but keep in mind weighing several criteria in the choice.
Heating gas oil
It combines a mixed boiler and radiators. The tank is connected to the boiler. It is a choice of interesting heating for larger homes.
Advantages. Heating oil is a good alternative if there is no piped gas; especially in areas cold.
Disadvantages. The reservoir occupies space. The price of oil fluctuates much.
Natural gas heating
The natural gas with mixed condensing wall-mounted boiler is the best choice of heating: high performance heating, low pollution, very efficient… The installation completes with radiators. This system is suitable for any housing and climate zone.
Advantages: Convenience of piped gas. It emits little CO2.Great heating performance.
Disadvantages. Its cost: the boiler is expensive.It is not available in all municipalities.
Propane gas heating
The propane heating system using mixed boiler and radiators. The propane is delivered in tank, bottled or channeled.
Advantages. Piped propane is comfortable.
Disadvantages. The bottles are cheap but are emptied quickly. Propane prices vary greatly.
Electric heating with heat pump
The heat pump operates as heating and air conditioning system. Gets the hot water from a thermos. It may be a choice of heating in homes without gas, especially with mild winters and hot summers.
Advantages. The running cost is lower than other electrical heating systems.Comfortable water supply.
Inconvenientes.No is suitable for very low temperatures.Cost of the installation. The Thermo consumes enough in stand-by.

Electric heating with accumulators
Accumulators leverage time discrimination rate: they store heat overnight and emerge day. Water boiler produces hot water. It is a system of heating and gas suitable for floors in warm areas.
Ventajas.La system installation just requires work. Comfortable hot water supply.
Disadvantages. The batteries are expensive. The Thermo consumes enough in stand-by.
Electric heating convectors
Convectors heating works with a resistance which heats the air that circulates through the interior. The hot water is obtained from the thermos. Only for homes in warm areas.
Advantages. The installation of convectors is cheap and without works. Comfortable hot water supply.
Disadvantages. The cost of the operation is high. The Thermo consumes enough in stand-by.
Heating by solar energy
The installation of thermal solar panels allows you to heat water that can be used for heating and hot water. It is a choice as a supplementary heating system.
Advantages. It is eco-friendly. You can take advantage of subsidies for renewable energy collecting some municipalities, as sales in the IBI.
Disadvantages. The efficiency is limited by the hours of sunlight. The installation requires an outlay.
In all cases you can get most to your heating there are very useful items such as thermostats.

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